"RZG 1" Generator for use in Forensic Pathology

Characterisation / References:

The examination of the electrical excitability of mimic muscles is a  non temperature-based method within a compound method
for estimation of the time since death in the early postmortem period.

bullet Henssge C, Madea B, Gallenkemper E. Death time estimation in case work - II. Interation of different methods.
     Forensic Sci Int 1988; 39: 77-87.

bullet Claus Henssge and Burkhard Madea. Integration of different methods in casework. In:
    Estimation of the time since death in the early post-mortem period; ed. B. Knight;
    2nd Edition (2002) Arnold London; and ed. B. Madea;
    3rd  Edition (2015) Arnold London.

The efficiency of applying the method in casework is clearly demonstrated in a field study.

bullet Henssge C et al. Experiences with a compound method for estimating the time since death. II. Integration of non-temperature-based methods.
    Int J. Legal Med 2000: 113: 320-31.

"RZG 1" Generator for use in Forensic Pathology:

- one button  for releasing the electrical impulses

- device switch on / off (backside)

- one jack  for batteries recharging (backside)

- The special output to needle electrodes is constant-current rectangular impulses of 30 mA, 10 ms duration at a repetition rate of 50 per second.

bullet price:                         EUR 479,60 (approximately 575,- US Dollar)

bullet scope of delivery:    generator RZG 1 (accumulator includet), needle electrodes and connecting-cable, battery charger

bullet delivery period:        approximately  2-3 weeks

bullet size:                          3,15 x 1,73 x 6,3 inch (80 x 44 x 160 mm)

bullet weight:                      450g


A particular computer program assists the use of the compound method at the scene including the temperature-based nomogram method and
non-temperature-based methods/criteria  (Development of rigor - Lividity - Mechanical excitability of skeletal muscle
- Electrical excitability of mimic muscles - Chemical excitability of the iris)

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